Final Review Feedback

The final review was largely a success. Below are a few of the comments made that I believe would be helpful in taking the exhibition forward. – It was suggested that the exhibition should… Continue reading

If Nobody Dreams of Remarkable Things

The exhibition website can be found here:

Hidden Spaces in Sneinton

Gabrielle Reuter is a dance artist and urbanist, she came into the University to talk to us about some of her works, notably her recent installation, ‘Hidden Spaces in Sneinton’. Hidden Spaces is a… Continue reading

A Hundred Years … In The City

During our field trip to Copenhagen we were challenged to select an object from the one of the museums that we visited and exhibit it in a new context in the city.  A… Continue reading

Matching Story to Setting

When considering the exhibition’s individual stories it is important in someway they respond to place thus I have spent this morning matching the said stories to the appropriate location. Image 1 – Robin… Continue reading

National Gallery of Denmark

The National Gallery was a wonderful surprise, on visiting I was expecting a slightly older building reminiscent of the National Gallery in London with the walls flooded by 17th and 18th Century art. I was… Continue reading

Bagsværd Church

The incredibly unassuming exterior, gives no clues to the architectural beauty within. Rolling clouds were said to be Jorn Utzon’s inspiration for the church interior, in turn the soft curves gently control the… Continue reading

Louisiana Museum of Contemporary Art

The Louisiana Museum of Contemporary Art is considered a major work of Danish modernist architecture. “In the well-balanced style of the late 1950s’discreet modernism, the museum presents itslef as a horizontal and understated… Continue reading

Danish National Maritime Museum

The Danish Maritime Museum by BIG Architects, maps Denmark’s maritime history up until the present day. BIG Architects took the inspired decision to build the galleries into the perimeter of the dry dock, arranged… Continue reading

Interpretive Exhibition Design

Whilst at The Black Diamond we were lucky enough to have a talk by exhibition architect, Christina Back on the ‘interpretative museum design’ approach. Christina talks about several exhibitions. One of which was… Continue reading